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Brian Ballo, Esq. is Skilled in Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

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The team at the Law Office of Brian Ballo has the knowledge and skills in all aspects of real estate law to best represent your needs.  Attorney Brian Ballo has served clients for over 30 years during the continually changing cycles of the Southern California real estate market.

Our Firm Has Experience With The Full Range Of Real Estate Legal Matters, Including:

  • Real estate loans and finance litigation
  • Residential real estate sales and escrows
  • Commercial real estate development transactions
  • Title insurance and land entitlements
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Title and escrow disputes

After the brokers have identified the seller and buyer, call Brian Ballo, Esq., to help you document and close a deal.  Brokers appreciate that he does not kill a deal with over-lawyering.  When a real estate transaction appears headed for litigation, Brian’s seasoned acumen and steady temperament, which are aimed at finding creative and practical solutions, can often avoid 1-2 years of costly litigation.  He is a lawyer you can trust to stand by you through any real estate matter.

Aggressive Representation in Real Estate Disputes

Often, litigation seems like a way of doing business, particularly in the heavily regulated real estate and lending industries.  Brian Ballo has established an impressive record in the Superior and Federal Courts for litigating cases on behalf of both lenders and borrowers to protect their loan and property interests, while negotiating win-win solutions.  These cases require knowledgeable representation, and Mr. Ballo utilizes powerful litigation methods to best represent your interests.

At the Law Office of Brian Ballo, we provide reliable legal services, while also remaining efficient and cost-effective.  We understand that litigation can be costly, so we always approach disputes seeking a peaceful resolution, including through Alternative Dispute Resolution (i.e., mediation and arbitration).  At the same time, we properly prepare cases for trial, and will fight for the results you deserve.

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Our office is located in Aliso Viejo, and we serve clients throughout Southern California.  We offer free initial phone consultations.  When you call our firm, we evaluate your case, then suggest the best course of action before continuing.  Get started today by calling 949-690-4100 or by filling out the form online.

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